Have you decided to change from a previous Technics Keyboard to the brand new flagship KN7000?

With the Music Data Base Converter software you can convert your old backup data (HD-MEC2000/ HD-HSO3000/HD-AE5000 or HD-SX6) and send them to the SD card.

The only requirement for the use of the Music Data Base Converter (followed MDBC called) is a current backup file from a previous hard disk drive system of your keyboard. No backup file? Click here for some more information's.

With in 3 steps to the target

We tried to make the MDBC software (a Technics order) as simple and transparent as possible. Depend on the size of the backup files and way of data transfer the work can take minutes or hours. For bigger data size (like more than 300 songs) we strongly recommend to purchase the Panasonic USB SD card adapter (SZ-CB7).

{short description of image} Backup reading
  In well known Explorer operation you can select the current backup from your drive. You can use all files of the following types: KN2000, KN3000/3500, KN5000 as well as KN6000/6500.

{short description of image} Select Option

There are some options for ordering.
Right after the current backup was loaded you can mark songs witch you don't want to convert/transfer. Please note that the program will shorten the long names to a max. of 16 characters.

{short description of image} Execute conversion
  There are only 2 possibilities to send the data to the SD card.

- If you don' have a Panasonic USB SD Card adapter, the MDBC software create a RESTORE.sdb data file. Later this file will be sent to the KN7000 via USB connection with the Technics Song Manager 7000.

- Much more comfortable and about 15 times faster you can to the job with a SD card reader/writer. With the Panasonic USB SD card adapter (SZ-CB7) there is no need for a RESTORE.sdb data file. All the data's will be transferred direct between MDBC and SD card.

{short description of image} You don't have a backup from your HDD data's?
  KEY SOFT SERVICE (Germany and Switzerland) offer an inexpensive service, to backup your HDD files (HD-MEC2000, HD-HSO3000, HD-AE5000 and HD-SX6), the data archive to a CD-ROM and, if you wish that, also the complete data conversion and transfer to the SD card. Address your requests with the number of songs you have stored direct to: KSS Switzerland.

  Before you start downloading the MDBC installation file, please study the document "From hard disk drive to SD card".
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